the cyberfeminist manifesto for the 21st century

VNS Matrix frequently and explicitly evoke cunt metaphors: “we are the modern cunt”[.] …The “cunt” signified scenarios are not deployed as sites for the production or reproduction of maternity or symbolically inscribed motherhood for women. They are redeployed as a site for the construction of libidinal pleasures, in sex, in horizontal rather than oedipal (vertical) relationships, in technological production, in sexy technology – a feminised and feminist erotics of technocultural production and politics.

“VNS Matrix’s deployment of the concept “slime” can be read as the signification of sexual desire within a oral fantasmatic which nonetheless also articulates the symbolic separation/differentiation of female sexuality from the mother/child scenario. In their Manifesto, the foursome write that: “the clitoris is a direct line to the matrix, VNS Matrix, terminators of the moral code, mercenaries of slime, go down on the alter of abjection, probing the visceral temple we speak in tongues.” Referencing Kristeva’s theory of abjection (“we go down on the alter of abjection”) VNS construct a textual scenario of oral sex (“probing the visceral temple we speak in tongues”). “Probing the visceral temple . . . in tongues” might be also be read as an evocation of either heterosexual or lesbian cunnilingus. It might also be read as “French kissing” within the signification of erotic practices for any sexuality. “Probing the visceral temple” might be read as penile/vaginal penetrative hetero-sex or digital/vaginal (hetero- or lesbian) sex; or as lesbian dildonics; or as the spermatic probing of magical orifices (mouth-cunts) by gamegirls with magical phalli. “We speak” suggests a re-articulation, a re-signification of sexed subjectivity and subject positions within the symbolic/imaginary as queer. Bodily secretions, slimy substances are what fantasmatically and metaphorically permits movement between sexualities.”