Adelaide Festival 1994

Artists’ Week

Future Languages

International and Australian artists, writers and theorists question the impact of new technologies on art and culture.

Curated by VNS Matrix: Josephine Starrs SA, Francesca da Rimini SA, Julianne Pierce NSW, Virginia Barratt NSW

Elder Hall (except where otherwise indicated)

Briefing by curators VNS Matrix
Telepresence welcome by Simon Penny
First Associate Professor in Art and Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA.

10-11.30am Forum
Visceral Morph
Speakers: Paula Dawson NSW, Norie Neumark NSW, Allucquere Rosanne Stone USA

11.45-1.15pm Forum
Big Daddy Mainframe
Speakers: Maria Fernandez USA, Rich Gold USA, Ian Howard Qld

1.15-2.15pm Vector 2
Mouse-sexy hyperware tech tour
A journey through the datascape of Adelaide with real-time guide Monski Mouse SA
(Limited capacity)

2.15-3.45pm Forum
Burning Foam
Speakers: Ken Wark NSW, Chris Mann Vic, Sally PryorWSW

4-5.30pm Forum
Cyborg Surgery
Speakers: Glenda Nalder Qld, Dr Sadie Plant UK, Dr Zoe Sofoulis WA

5.45-6.30pm Performance
Techno Digesto Fetishism
Cyberdada Vic
Multi-flavoured erotic consumption for electronic couples

Continuous throughout Day 5

Interactive computer workshop
Cyberflesh Girlmonster
In the tradition of Mary Shelley, Identikit and Helene Cixous, Linda Dement NSW

Video compilation
Australian computer and video artists

Online sound installation
Installation comprising computers, modems and phone lines.
An Australian/Canadian collaboration produced in Adelaide by Artsnet

Adelaide Festival 1994 Programme
Adelaide Festival 1994 Programme

Event Dates

Date & Time
Sat 26th Feb, 1994, @ 09:15–18:30
Artists’ Week
Elder Hall, University of Adelaide
Adelaide Festival 1994
25/02/1994 – 13/03/1994
Adelaide, SA, Australia

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