The cyberfeminists who called themselves ‘the future cunt’

Evelyn Wang

And then the year the Cyberfeminist Manifesto turned 25, the Sydney College of the Arts invited them to do a one-time performance for an exhibition on ‘90s feminism. Together, all four members of VNS Matrix wrote a brand-new text, A Tender Hex for the Anthropocene, riffing off of the Manifesto. The audience, full of long-time fans and new converts, loved it, got all the ‘90s throwbacks: “Every time we would say a line like we are still the future cunt, the audience would have a laugh.”

“It was fucking awesome to get the band back together for a night,” says Barratt, adding that “I was like people just love us for this one thing and we are this one thing and we shouldn’t ever be anything other than this one thing because that’s what we are and that’s what people want from us. It’s like going to a rock show and wanting the band to sing your favourite song. People want their favorite song from us, which is A Cyberfeminist Manifesto for the 21st Century.”

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