A Report on Cyberfeminism:

Sadie Plant relative to VNS Matrix

Alex Galloway

Despite international recognition, cyberfeminism remains a highly problematic theoretical framework. No one is quite sure what it means. Its leaders, when they are not abandoning the movement all together, have often given less than inspired readings of political and technological issues. Because of this cyberfeminism remains a bit disappointing as avant-garde political movements go. There’s no viable party line, strictly trade union consciousness.

That said, the emerging cyber culture has certainly produced a need for cyberfeminism. Let’s describe that need through the following set of questions: How does technology gender us? Does the internet escape discrimination through gender anonymity? Can technology help us overcome patriarchy? Why are computer geeks disproportionately male? Who wrote the history of computers? Are digital machines fundamentally male or female?

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Online Journal
A Report on Cyberfeminism: Sadie Plant relative to VNS Matrix
Alex Galloway
Switch|Journal, issue 09, June 14 1998, English
CADRE Laboratory for New Media of the School of Art and Design at San Jose State University, San Jose State University, CA, USA

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