Technofeminisms: The Future Cunt

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VNS Matrix

VNS Matrix in The Art Happens Here: Net Art Anthology


Challenges to immateriality

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We Make Art with our Cunts

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(New) Media

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A Brief History of Cyberfeminism

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Feminist Worldbuilding in the Australian Cyberswamp

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The cyberfeminists who called themselves ‘the future cunt’

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‘We Are the Future Cunt’

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An Oral History of the First Cyberfeminists

Claire L. Evans in Motherboard, Vice


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Monstrous Agents

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Revisiting Cyberfeminism

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Early Internet Art

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The Cyberfeminist Fantasy of the Pleasure of the Cyborg

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Cyberfeminism and Artificial Life

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Marco Deseriis, Giuseppe Marano in NET.ART


Digital Culture

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Prefiguring Cyberculture

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Working the Screen

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“Slimy metaphors for technology: ‘the clitoris is a direct line to the Matrix’”

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A Report on Cyberfeminism

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All New Gen

VNS Matrix in Virtual Futures: Cyberotics, Technology and Post-Human Pragmatism

Attack of the CyberFeminists

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Love and Freedom

Alison MacKinnon in Love and Freedom: Professional Women and the Reshaping of Personal Life

Suffragettes to She-Devils

Liz McQuiston in Suffragettes to She-Devils: Women's Liberation and Beyond

techné cultures

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Zeros and Ones

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Australian Women Artists & New Media Technologies

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Game Girls

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VNS Matrix: Cyberfeminists

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AOL: Acker-On-Line

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Cyber dykes R Us

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Rosie Cross in 21•C magazine

Maps: Territories: Subject: corpusfantasticaMOO

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Rise of the Cyber-Fems

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The Future is Fe/Male

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All New Gen

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Art Forums

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babes in boyland

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Game Grrrls

in Hyper>> Australasia's only independent games mag

Girls in Cyberspace

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Letter From Birmingham

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Morphing the Oz indie film scene paradigm

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Women Computing and Culture

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Women Taking Space in Cyberculture

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Against ‘Neofuturism’

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All New Gen

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Engineering Poetics

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Nintendo’s New World Order

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Under the VR Spell?

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Welcome to the world of ALL NEW GEN

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Forget Barbie, Let’s Slime

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