“Slimy metaphors for technology: ‘the clitoris is a direct line to the Matrix’”

Jyanni Steffensen

This paper examines some futuristic fantasy possibilities for constructions of perversely signified female desire through the work of techno-artists, VNS Matrix’s ALL NEW GEN (1994). The framework within which this cyborgian text is read utilises recent theoretical developments in cyberfeminist thinking, including that of Donna Haraway, Zoë Sofoulis, and Sadie Plant.

ANG is an electronic art installation by Australian cyberfeminist collective, VNS Matrix. This hypertext includes a computer game; a video installation; an acoustic installation; a cyberfeminist manifesto for the 21st Century; and a’shrine’ to the Oracle Snatch. Spectators double as interactive participants – reading the text is dependent on how one negotiates the installation space. This paper, which focuses on VNS’ assertion that: “the clitoris is a direct line to the Matrix,” concentrates on the computer game and video installation.


This paper was presented at a conference at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina (2-4 October 1998) titled “Discipline and Deviance: Technology, Gender, Machines”.

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"Slimy metaphors for technology: ‘the clitoris is a direct line to the Matrix’"
Jyanni Steffensen
eWRe electronic Writing Research ensemble, Teri Hoskin (ed.), 2–4 Oct 1998, English
electronic Writing Research ensemble, Adelaide, SA Australia

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