AOL: Acker-On-Line

Rosie Cross

I know you very much like the work of multimedia artists VNS Matrix. They have been known to say that “the clitoris is a direct line to the matrix.” Following on from what you have just said, I doubt if you’d agree with thzat statement.

VNS are so cool. I connected with them a while ago. I am so impressed by their work. but I wouldn’t agree with that statement. no. I never thought of the connection between the machine and me as being clitoral. Right now it doesn’t feel clitoral. The clitoris. to me. is this kind of direct little burning sensation between my legs This is just me. but it’s deeper. and more general than direct. Everyone’s body is different. The Net can be like an orgasm. but at the moment I’d still say it was like flying and having lots of fun. But I distrust it too. Sometimes I feel like it’s a mind eating me. I have lots of theories about the ravenous nature of my machine, especially when I got it and it kept wanting more and more RAM and other bits and pieces. I have to be careful it doesn’t devour me. I imagine the computer getting fatter and fatter and not allowing me to dream ever again and sucking out my thoughts.

21•C magazine #3, 1995 Cover
21•C magazine #3, 1995 Cover

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AOL: Acker-On-Line
Rosie Cross
21•C magazine, Ashley Crawford, Darren Tofts (eds.), pp. 12–15, #3, 1995, English
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