Forget Barbie, Let’s Slime:

VNS Matrix

Lisa Pears

“We want All New Gen the virus to fuck things up.”

VNS Matrix cyberpussies Virginia Barratt, Julianne Pierce, Francesca da Rimini and Josephine Starrs take on the testosterone zone of Gameboy teen cult with their latest project. No keyboard cowboys and jerking off and featureless chrome silver suzi fem-hots here – their All New Gen is an omnipresent intelligence which takes many forms. With her sisters in slime, the DNA Sluts – abdicators from the oppressive super-hero regime – All New Gen’s aim is to infiltrate the data banks of Big Daddy Mainframe, undermine his military, imperial, industrial data scape and render insensible his techno-bimbo side kick, Circuit Boy. A computer game in the works, All New Gen is an inversion of Nintendo’s ‘Gameboy’; a Tank-Girl-of-the-data-space declaration of subversion. In an age when the new frontier of colonisation is the hyperspace of computer networks and data banks, VNS Matrix want women to get their hands on new technologies and claim some of that information-rich space. “We’re trying to insert a feminist consciousness into the technological future…we want to encourage women to use technology and take it in different directions,” says cyberpussy Barratt, “and we want to insert those strong female images in there.”

VNS Matrix: Forget Barbie, Let's Slime, Lisa Pears. Temper magazine issue 1, 1992, cover
VNS Matrix: Forget Barbie, Let’s Slime, Lisa Pears. Temper magazine issue 1, 1992, cover

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Magazine Article
Lisa Pears
Temper magazine, Lisa Pears, Jon Bullenshaw (eds.), pp. 23, 30, one, 1992, English
empire camp, NSW, Australia

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