Against ‘Neofuturism’:

Women Artists in Technological Media

Zoë Sofia

According to Jullanne Pierce, they have adopted as one of their slogans ‘Not nervous of technology’. However, VNS Matrix members are not ‘technojunkies’; they may enjoy working with high-tech equipment but do not make huge sacrifices to obtain the biggest and best. VNS work is notable for its critical and ironic edge, informed by contemporary philosophy, feminist theory and popular cultural practices. The thematisation of technological selves and spaces is part of a deliberate future-oriented exploration of Haraway’s notions of a feminist ‘cyborg polities’, where critique, empowerment and enjoyment converge for themselves and their audience.

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Against ‘Neofuturism’: Women Artists in Technological Media
Zoë Sofia
Artlink Magazine SCAN+ Volume 4 1993 Special Supplement, John Conomos (ed.), pp. 6–8, Issue 13:1, March 1993, English
Artlink Australia, Adelaide, Australia

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