Ars 95 Helsinki 1995

Yksityinen/Julkinen = Private/Public

ARS 95 poses questions regarding human identity, the human body, death, sexuality and social gender affiliations. It investigates the nature of society, group loylties and political power structures, the media world and the images of virtual reality. The exhibition also emphasises visual language and its forms of expression, and considers interpretation as a means of communication between the artworks and the viewers.

… Women artists are especially concerned withthe ways in which identity, the unique self, is formed in cyberspace. A very considerable portion of the media artists investigating the language of television, films, computer networks and communicaiton in general, are women. This isprobably due to the fact that the language of this new genre is still taking shape: media art is free of masculine traditions, and is not dominated by the history or rules of masculinity.

ARS95 Exhibition catalogue cover
ARS95 Exhibition catalogue cover

Event Dates

Ateneum Art Museum
Ars 95
11/02/1995 – 28/05/1995
Helsinki, Finland

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