Poster Auction – The Future is Unmanned

100% of proceeds go to the National Justice Project

VNS Matrix are committed to actively dismantling systemic racism and white supremacy through becoming accomplices in the struggle to dismantle structures of power, oppression, violence and murder. We acknowledge that the art industry and ideological white feminism (and hence cyberfeminism) is not immune to propping up systems that perpetuate institutional violence.
The work of VNS Matrix is not free of inherent bias.
We can do better.
Our work can serve these anti-racist ends through paying the rent.

Please go to @vns_matrix on instagram to bid on the poster
The Future is Unmanned

The future is unmanned poster, VNS Matrix 1994
The future is unmanned poster, VNS Matrix 1994

Event Dates

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The Future is Unmanned Poster Auction
26/06/2020 – 10/07/2020