Julianne Pierce

Julianne Pierce is an Australian producer, curator, artist and writer working across disciplines including performance, visual arts and media arts. She has worked as a Creative Producer for many arts and performance organisations and festivals. Her roles have included Executive Director of Australian Network for Art & Technology (ANAT) from 2000-2005; Chair of International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) from 2006-2013; Chair of Emerging and Experimental Arts, Australia Council from 2013-2015 and Executive Producer of renowned UK interactive performance group Blast Theory from 2007-2012.

Julianne writes on visual arts and culture and contributes a monthly column to The Adelaide Review. She is a regular contributor to Artlink magazine and guest edited the December 2018 issue on the intersection of contemporary arts culture and Virtual Reality. Julianne has curated events and exhibitions including Double Helix conference on moving image and visual arts 2009 Adelaide Film Festival; Primavera 2003, the annual exhibition of emerging Australian artists for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney and Biomachines performance event for the 2000 Adelaide Festival.

Julianne is a founding member of VNS Matrix and is a regular commentator on the early work of VNS Matrix and cyberfeminism new media art. “Cyberfeminism was about ideas, irony, appropriation and hands-on skilling up in the data terrain. It combined a utopic vision of corrupting patriarchy with an unbounded enthusiasm for the new tools of technology. It embraced gender and identity politics, allowing fluid and non-gendered identities to flourish through the digital medium. The post-corporeal female would be an online frontier woman, creating our own virtual worlds and colonising the amorphous world of cyberspace.”