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Issue #32 Re/Production VNS Matrix Guest Editorial

work must be perverted, labour reframed,
redeployed in the service of the birds
unking the castles, crown the swans
fly on our feet
towards a new nature
Terminators, unking Big Daddy Mainframe!

VNS Matrix, A Tender Hex for the Anthropocene

On the 25th anniversary of the Cyberfeminist Manifesto, Runway has invited VNS Matrix to publish their recent Tender Hex for the Anthropocene and co-edit this issue to reflect on the politics of reproductive labour in an age in which the physical, virtual, natural, cultural, human, and non-human are inextricably entangled.

As a result, this issue features a diverse array of contributors, and draws on conceptual touchstones stretching across time and space, to examine women’s labour in the arts and reproductive labour as art, the economics of artmaking, bioart and ecofeminism, artmaking and motherhood, affect and the care economy, the reproduction of queer space, and much more. Fittingly, the online platform of Runway has been heavily utilised by contributors, and issue #32 RE/PRODUCTION is dense with text, image, code, sound, and video waiting to be discovered. Dive in!

– Laura McLean, Editor, Runway Magazine

Runway Magazine guest editorial issue 32, VNS Matrix 2016
Runway Magazine guest editorial issue 32, VNS Matrix 2016

That’s why, when Runway asked VNS Matrix to curate a special (unsealed) section of this issue, we responded by inviting a coterie of queered artists/poets/philosophers/big brains with virtuosity to burn (baby, burn) to unleash their feralmones. This ‘bestiary of We’, a collective nuisance if ever there was one, includes Cigdem Aydemir, Linda Dement and Amy Ireland, Quinn Eades, Helen Hester and Zahra Stardust, Teri Hoskin, and Melinda Rackham. We knew they would surprise and delight us with their refractory gaze and we were not disappointed. We pussy salute them!"

VNS Matrix, Runway Magazine Editorial Issue #32 12/06/2019

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