Cyber Cultures 1997

Street Level Project

In 1995 VNS Matrix began work on a CD-ROM game called BAD CODE and received funding from the Australian Film Commission to develop a prototype. It is their aim that sometime in 1998, BAD CODE will be on the Internet and on the shelves of computer shops everywhere. This not-too futuristic quest game revolves around All New Gen, a subversive and omnipresent intelligence whose mission is to sabotage the databanks of the insidious Big Daddy Mainframe. All New Gen is assisted on her mission by the DNA Sluts, a band of sexy renegade Sheroes along with ferals, data deviants, cortex crones and code warriors.

The aim is to locate five shards of the digicryst which are hidden throughout the five levels of the game. When the digicryst is assembled, Big Daddy Mainframe is destroyed, liberating the inhabitants of the apocalyptic Contested Zone.

BAD CODE treads a fine line between artwork and commercial prototype, aiming to inject alternative narratives and characters into a ‘shoot ’em up’ dominated games market.

Street Level: Cyber Cultures exhibition 1997, programme cover
Street Level: Cyber Cultures exhibition 1997, programme cover

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Date & Time
Sun 9th Mar, 1997 – Sun 6th Apr, 1997
Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
Cyber Cultures
Casula, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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